The launch of the Aromatherapy Associates ecommerce website

aromatherapy associates website

We're pleased to announce the completion of the new, luxurious ecommerce website for Aromatherapy Associates. We thought you might find it interesting to read about how we approached the design and development of this new site.

The success of this project has been greatly influenced by the close partnership we have with our client's marketing team. Aromatherapy Associates had not attempted a digital project of this magnitude before, which is why it was imperative that we provide them with as much support, education, guidance and strategic direction that we had to offer. In order to get the project off on the right footing we organised workshops to define the brief with the client. This ensured that they fully understood the process and its various stages, taking care to consider every possible feature and phase.

The design brief that resulted from the workshops required us to provide the online visitor, with a positive, luxury brand experience. With the corporate branding having recently been refreshed it was Neue Media's role to translate the new branding into the online environment, enhancing its ability to build relationships and increase brand loyalty, all the while striking the best balance between B2B and B2C site visitors.

The design route we followed took its inspiration from the new branding, using the gorgeous plant, flower and sculptural body images to highlight the all natural ingredients. However, as is our usual methodology, imagery was not our only consideration. The online experience needed to feel luxurious and helpful. We wanted to ensure that there was a platform for our clients to pass on their extensive knowledge while defining results that would help a variety of symptoms. The platform we developed was a product advisor. This is a personal online assistant based on a symptom lead, mood monitor that helps customers select the correct product for their body or face based on how they are feeling, and asking questions about how those feelings are affecting them at the time of their interaction with the product advisor. The final result is a small selection of recommended products focused on the customer's specific requirements.

To keep this interactive website fresh and evolutionary the small, hard working marketing team needed to easily manage the website for their consumer, professional and global distributor customers. Neue Media provided a powerful, fully functional, fully scalable, Content Management System (CMS) that would accommodate the multi-currency and additional languages planned for the next phase of evolutionary growth.

As with any online communication strategy a strong reporting mechanism is a must. The CMS we recommended for Aromatherapy Associates has enhanced reporting features that provide the marketing team with a superior understanding of their online business, helping increase sales. This information supplies the means to develop a test and refine strategy, allowing continual improvement for future digital campaigns, while broadening the appeal of the website and helping build relationships with a wider audience through the improvement of the quantity and quality of the data capture.

The project has been a resounding success, relatively stress free for our clients and due to the new online brand experience Aromatherapy Associates are now building stronger relationships with their target audience, while increasing brand loyalty.

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