Neue Media defines new standards in
online luxury for The Forbury Hotel

The Forbury Hotel website

The 24 bedroom Forbury Hotel has been the result of an inspired vision and a desire to create something truly exceptional that raises the standards in luxury. The Hotel needed a partner to take their standards and apply them online to create a worldwide window for their global audience.

Having seen the results of Neue Media's previous projects, such as the Annick Goutal luxury boutique e-commerce site (, and following a lengthy consultation, Neue Media were asked to devise and construct a new online experience that would compliment the chic and luxurious image The Forbury Hotel has worked hard to establish.

The Forbury, whilst classic in its architecture, hides a collection of bold style ideas and modern art, along with many advanced technologies, such as their own 32 seat cinema. Neue Media saw this mix of strong individual styling and top of the range technology as key characteristics which should be applied to the new online experience. As one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, The Forbury has a reputation to uphold, which can now be serviced through the new online experience.

The final result is a true reflection on the values The Forbury holds dear; a bold, colourful and distinctive experience which disguises the underlying complex and cutting edge techniques and technologies employed to ensure the site's longevity in a competitive market.

"The Forbury has an amazing reputation for providing the highest levels of service and satisfaction" said Nic Aylett, Managing Director at Neue Media. "we had to develop an experience that not only mirrored this, but gave them a platform to not only compete but stand out in a cluttered market. The Forbury has a unique personality, which we hope the website will communicate to customers around the world."

Neue Media has again harnessed the latest technologies to create an intuitive content rich experience, whilst ensuring the presentation, interaction and online services available are at their highest standards. Interactive floorplans, room booking and restaurant reservation ensure all customers can choose their occasion carefully with The Forbury.

Features include:

  • Content Managed site with hotel & restaurant booking facilities. Customers can reserve a table online at both restaurants available at the hotel.
  • Entire site design controlled by global themes. A global set of design instructions can be activated in seconds to completely alter the look of the website. Themes can also be automated to activate at specific times or to a schedule. Any design element, from the logo, backgrounds, colours or text, right down to submission buttons can be quickly and efficiently altered.
  • Cutting edge 2D to 3D technologies have created unique video sequences from still imagery where traditional filming would have disrupted hotel operations and be less cost effective.
  • The site has been developed as a hybrid HTML/Flash project, harnessing the best of both technologies for interactivity, manageability, accessibility and Search Engine Optimisation
  • A comprehensive Content Management back office gives The Forbury Hotel staff complete control over content, including key Flash elements for complete flexibility

View The Forbury Hotel case study to find our more.

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