A life of luxury online

Luxury beauty brands must provide an exceptional online shopping experience time after time if they are to succeed in a digital environment

There is an enormous challenge in today's market in selling luxury health and beauty products online. Not only is it a hugely competitive market, but the luxury shopping experience is very different from the conventional shopping experience. Luxury health and beauty products are sensory in nature and their purchase requires a high appreciation in aesthetics and the human senses.

If you have ever been fortunate enough to drive a top of the range sports car, the experience you take away with you is not necessary the appearance and attention to detail of the car, but the adrenaline you get when driving the car. The experience comes from the perceptions, emotions, sensations and feelings that are aroused during the driving activity. This is what stays in your memory and is the reason why you want to experience it again and again.

The same principles apply to the way luxury health and beauty brands are represented online. It's not just a case of having a website, the most creative design or of most technology advanced website with rich content. The most important factor is creating an online environment that offers an exceptional experience for every user or consumer when visiting and returning to your website. The most important thing is to arouse the human senses and create a desire to be associated with a brand by making sure every visitor to the website is immersed in an environment that creates the brands universe.

With the expansion of the digital world that we experience today, it's a given that every health and beauty brand has its own website or is active in some form of social media. But this presence online is not enough in itself to guarantee that consumers will maintain interest in a brand or encourage repeat visits, especially when so many brands fall short in translating the true essence of their brand and what it stands for in a digital environment.

The most successful brands use storytelling principles as part of a brand strategy to simply make the journey more efficient and effective. They reveal a mystery behind the brand, touch the senses and speak personally to their customers. It's these elements that will ultimately set you apart from your competitors, who look a bit like you and sell similar things (products, services) at roughly similar prices.

We have to come to terms that the Internet has been around for some time and consumers are now becoming used to the basics and are now demanding more. A consumer's level of expectation has increased dramatically and they are now likely to lose patience with websites that look tired, poorly designed and functionality, don't offer benefits, values or an interactive experience.