Our concept

Our story began by creating a new
concept, ecommerce dedicated to
health, beauty and cosmetic brands

About us

Neue Media is an independent ecommerce creative agency with an inside take on health, beauty and cosmetics. We work with forward thinking brands who are looking for innovative ways to engage their target audience. Have a look at the clients we have worked with.

Our concept founded for one simple reason - online health, beauty and cosmetic retailers deserve a digital creative agency that is dedicated and specialise in ecommerce as well as beauty and cosmetics. An agency that has insight into how the consumer thinks, feels and talks about beauty and cosmetics.

Great individuals sometimes need great partners and we're no different. Over the years we have have built up a powerful group
of collaborators that complement our services. This ensures
that the digital communications we produce for our clients are
market leading.

What sets us apart

By being experts in our field, we understand the need to be true
to our word. Neue Media has a unique mix of creative thinking, technical excellence and operational experience in the health, beauty and cosmetic sector in the UK and internationally. With 26 years combined experience, we deliver excellence with impact, with a higher return on investment for our clients.

We take a holistic view of a client's business; starting with research and trends, planning and positioning, then moving to brand clarity and messaging, conceptual design and photography, website development and marketing. It's our process of delivery that optimises the shopping experience, converting browsers to buyers. Sales is a numbers game! Have a look at our services in more detail.

Trade associations

Health beauty and fitness trade Associations