New brand development

  • New concept to launch in the UK, a doctor-led team that provides specially designed range of vitamin drips.
  • Up against strong competition so needs to stand out in the market.
  • The brand needs to appeal to a wide demographic.
  • With new competitors expected to arrive to market over the next 12 months, our approach was firstly to take ownership of the name ‘Drip’.
  • This also incorporate a strapline to reinforce the business and USP, ‘Delivering Vitality Within’, within the body and within the home.
  • We then set about adding personality, creating icons to further highlight the brand USPs – 24/7, mobile app and home delivery service.
  • Further icons and colours where also created for each of the 10 products, with messaging concentrated on the benefits to the consumer.
  • Being a doctor-led team, the brand needed a medical feel to add confidence to the consumer. At the same time the use of colour, iconography and a tone of voice created a relaxed yet professional feel.