Website design & CMS

  • Evolve existing website via corporate, clean, intelligent, precise design and development
  • Profile DouglasBay brand, build gravitas as value investor, increasing engagement
  • Move existing designs from merely functional to true marketing tool
  • Provide a platform that acts as reporting tool, satisfying regulatory requirements
  • Modern website design with more impact and energy than predecessor, greater engagement
  • Discerning use of flash introduced driving interest into key investment opportunities
  • Provide updated CMS, more flexibility for users, including new features (i.e. emarketing)
  • Clarity the focus with new content structure, ensuring increased manageability
  • Use of stronger imagery established to add life as industry often seen as dry
  • Live share price feed integrated into site to provide latest information for site visitors
  • Shareholder engagement, influence and motivation
  • Effective communication platform increasing brand loyalty
DouglasBay home page
Neue Media have worked with us for over 5 years designing and developing a number of high quality websites for us. On each occasion they've been given a difficult and often vague brief and each time they've more than met our expectations for each project. They are frequently required to make decisions and suggestions on how they think a better result might be achieved. We trust their judgement and we're always pleased with the high quality of work they produce, be it a website, annual report or marketing materials.

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