Branding & marketing communication

  • To communicate Optimum as a leader in their industry amongst some much larger brands
  • The industry lack creativity so Optimum wanted to step outside their comfort zone and create a more vibrant look and feel through their brand touch points
  • To add clarity in the brand and communicate their values to both customers and staff
  • The brand identity was refreshed with a new logo, font and colour palette that added a fresh distinctive look and feel
  • New imagery was introduced that had more personality and a human touch that stands out against the against the generic imagery other brands were using
  • A brand workshop defined the WHO, WHAT HOW and WHY of the brand
  • The new brand identity was run out on all touch points including website, corporate brochure, stationery, livery and trade stands
  • A brand video was introduced to help engage and communicate their passions and beliefs
  • Only recently launch
  • Staff embracing new identity, generating excitement internally
  • Consistency in what staff believe Optimum stand for
  • New brand video was personalised for a client to help secure £m contract