Ecommerce website

  • Selexir of Switzerland is an expert for the natural skincare of extremely dry, sensitive and irritated skin as well as light to medium eczema
  • New start-up business working to a tight budget
  • Create a creative balance of medical, high quality and the values we associate with Switzerland
  • Strong imagery to highlight the brands USP, the natural ingredient
  • Tone of voice defined to strengthen key messaging
  • Large animated hero call to action on the home page to engage and drive user to key content
  • A focus on the founders story and her journey from a sufferer of extreme dry and irritated skin to having peaceful skin
  • Translated in English and German
  • Currency options in Sterling, Euros and Swiss Francs
  • Strong visual brand
  • Selexir are now selling to UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Finland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Denmark and Greece