Swiss line cosmetics

Ecommerce website

  • Swiss line is a revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand
  • To be seen as a Swiss brand, highlighting the values that we associate with a Switzerland
  • Clear, easy to use navigation to cater for all age groups
  • Highlight the benefits of the medical and botanical products
  • For a global site, all legal requirements for each country needed to be applied
  • Help users find suitable products based on their skin needs and concerns
  • The Magento ecommerce platform was used with additional modules to fine tune the user journey and to help conversion rates
  • Multiple navigation levels were introduced to ensure the user could find the products they required, through their skins needs, the product range, concern or category.
  • User seek information and insight behind a beauty brand, so it was important this information was easily accessible
  • A skincare analysis tool was created which provided the user with a personalised treatment plan with additional care to enhance sales
  • Recently launched
  • A online platform that is moving the brand forward and reflects the quality of their products
  • The new site is helping promote brand awareness
  • A new sales channel open globally
  • Swiss line now have the tools and data to better understand their online business and connect with their global audience